Best Microphone For Gaming

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Through the years, advanced technology has brought a lot of different kinds of entertainment. One of these is gaming that became very popular with kids and adults. It started from being a simple one or two-player arcade to multi-player online games. Since these games are played online, players can be anywhere in the world. So, in order for the players to communicate with each other, gaming microphones are used. However, not all microphones are not good enough for gaming. There are many factors to consider for choosing the best microphone for online gaming, live-streaming, and video recording. The things to consider include recording quality, ease of use, adaptability, form factor, noise canceling, directionality, and, last but not the least, price. It is important that when you buy a gaming mic, test first if it makes you sound good and if you hear any background noise. In gaming, microphones that are easy to move around with and can adapt to any environment are best-sellers.

Top Three Gaming Microphones

Best Overall Gaming Microphone

If you want the best microphone for gaming, Blue Yeti is what you are looking for. With a reasonable price of under $200, the Yeti guarantees crystal clear sound, flexibility, and good quality.  It has three condensers, unlike other microphones. It also has features like zero-latency, gain and mute, and four polar patterns for recording that is stereo, cardioid, bidirectional and omnidirectional. Although the Yeti has all the features one looks for in a microphone, it is not the portable type having a weight of over 2 pounds. It has USB and XLR ports and has precision controls like mute button and volume knob.

Best Budget Microphone

The most affordable microphone best for casual gamers is the Zalman Zm-Mic1. For less than $10, you can have this portable and compact microphone. It is a clip-on mic that you attach to your headphone cables. It can fit most headsets except those that are too thin or too thick. Despite that it is attached to the cables, you may still need to speak loud enough as it is a very sensitive microphone. It is also an omnidirectional microphone so you can speak from any direction but it also means that it picks up background noises.

Best Attachment Microphone

For gamers and recorders who have limited workspace, attachable mics are a better option because they are portable, more compact, and does not take up much space. The best attachment microphone is the Antlion ModMic 4.0 which is attached directly to the headphone. For around a $50 price tag, the ModMic features two different pattern options such as unidirectional and omnidirectional. Using the unidirectional pattern is best when you have a noisy background because the ModMic does not have a good noise-cancelling feature. But if you want a better frequency response, the omnidirectional pattern is preferred. With its value, it is the best attachment microphone that can give you a good sound quality.

There are other gaming microphones out there, but these are the best among all of them. To learn more information about gaming microphones, check out